Any time you acquire a brand new Linux hosting package, it's generated on a server and the entire process typically takes a while, including the confirmation and processing of your payment, which many companies execute personally. When you order a dedicated server, for instance, the configuration takes more time as the unit must be built, set up and tested to ensure that it will work effectively. By reason of this, various providers have a one-time cost to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The cost, which sometimes is high, is generally not mentioned on the main page, still you'll find it on your checkout or payment page, so you will not be familiar with it before you have already completed the whole registration process and you may even overlook it unless you pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Hosting

Our hosting packages do not have any installation costs or any other hidden fees by and large. If you purchase an account, we will process your transaction immediately and then the account will be generated and activated from our system without delay. The full cost that you will need to pay for your web hosting plan is the same all around - on our main, order & payment pages, and you won't notice or have to pay anything in addition to that price any time. That is valid irrespective of whether you get multiple accounts since it is our principle that building trust is more important than receiving several more dollars. Our account activation is instant, thus you are able to proceed and begin setting up your web sites without delay.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Hosting

If you order a dedicated server from us, all you have to pay will be the standard monthly rate for the plan. We will assemble the hardware that you've selected during the signup, we'll set up an OS, web server, website hosting Control Panel plus all other software that is included with our packages, then test the machine, but we'll never ask you to pay anything additional for that. The cost of the dedicated server you choose is always exactly the same - on our main page, on the order page and during your payment process, and there are no concealed costs of any type. When you acquire a dedicated server with our Hepsia control panel and you already have a shared web hosting account through our company, we will move all your information - again free of charge.