An electronic mailing list is a list of email addresses which receive the exact same email simultaneously. When you send an email message to the mailing list address, it will be forwarded to all the addresses on that mailing list automatically, but none of the receivers will become aware of who the rest of the recipients are. Generally, one has to register for a list, but occasionally email addresses are added manually without the awareness of their owners. Depending on the particular list management software, you may also be able to approve new subscribers, so users cannot subscribe to your mailing list unless you authorize their signup request. The mailing list feature is exceptionally valuable if you wish to send newsletters on a regular basis or some other type of regular publications to clients, as you’ll have to send out just a single email and all the mailing list subscribers will get it instantaneously. As a result, you will not need to type in many email addresses manually.

Mailing Lists in Hosting

If you choose to order a hosting plan from us, you will be able to set up multiple electronic mailing lists with just a few clicks through the Email Manager section of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel. You’ll be able to select the mailbox from which you will send emails to your mailing list subscribers, as well as the administrative address and password which will allow you to access advanced options when you administer the mailing lists. We make use of the fully featured Majordomo mailing list manager, which will enable you to authorize and to remove mailing list subscribers without difficulty and to change a variety of settings. If you want to keep in touch with various groups of people, you can create extra mailing lists and manage them just as easily.