If you’ve got a domain and a hosting package for it, you’ll be able to create email accounts for personal or business purposes and to set them up with email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail. During the procedure, you’ll be able to pick one of the two popular email retrieval protocols – IMAP or POP3. The first protocol will allow you to examine all email messages, but they will stay on the mail server, while with the second protocol, all email messages will be downloaded onto the device where the email account is set up, unless you specifically select a copy to be saved on the server. Thus, you can choose if you want all your email correspondence to be kept on one single device, or if you would rather be able to view the emails from many locations. The latter option is extremely convenient for corporations where different employees working on separate machines need to get access to a certain mailbox.

POP3 IMAP E-mail Accounts in Hosting

If you get a Linux hosting package from us, you’ll be able to create email accounts with any domain hosted under your account and to set them up with any email application. During the setup process, you can pick IMAP or POP3 as we support the two email delivery protocols, so it will be up to you if all email messages will be downloaded locally at your end or if they will remain on the server. With us, you can even set up an email account on your mobile phone irrespective of its Operating System and we have included in-depth tutorials on how to carry out that. To spare yourself time, you can also download and run our auto-config files to set up an account in Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail automatically. With our shared hosting plans, you can choose a preferred device and software application to check your emails.